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Landa Business Academy
Landa Academy was founded with the mission of fostering the potential of individuals, especially young minds. We believe that investing in adolescents guarantees a bright future and a better tomorrow.
Landa academy
Registration and Participation in Optional Courses
Embark on your adventurous journey at Landa Academy by participating in our tailored crash courses designed by mentors from the Landa Holding.
Obtain a valid certificate of achievement
Landa academy
Joining Landa Academy and benefiting from its facilities.
  • 1.Personalized mentoring by industry professionals
  • 2.Co-working spaces
  • 3.Free participation at the next courses
  • 4.Engagement in real projects and international startups
  • 5.Talent identification of adolescent
  • 6.Teaching Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • 7.How to work in international markets
Landa academy
Employment opportunities
After completing the intensive 6-month academy program, you will have the opportunity to officially work alongside experienced mentors on startups and international projects to gain valuable work experience.
Work experience at the Canadian company
Landa academy
Following a year of active participation within Landa, you will receive a credible and verifiableCanadian work experience certificate from us.
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About Landa Academy
In Landa Academy, individuals will be trained based on their interests and capabilities. Necessary actions are taken at the Landa Acceleration Center to accelerate their unique abilities. Then, investment is made based on the investment priorities of developing the nurtured capabilities of individuals.
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